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Just Water

JW Assets has grown tremendously over the past few years. Knowledge and experience are vital in the beverage industry as technology is evolving at a fast pace and many producers are choosing production over quality. 

We strive to meet both by using all the years in the industry as learning curves and by focussing on its strong points to grow the variety of business opportunities. JW Assets houses brands such as Just Water, Body Fuel Express, Tooti Fruti and now also the brand new Loud (CSD factory) business opportunities. 

Just Water plants which focus on bottle manufacturing and the bottling and filling of a variety of beverages such as still and sparkling water, flavoured sparkling drinks, ice teas, and also carbonated and energy drinks (GIANT range). 

Just Water also provides private labelling to major fast food outlets, restaurants, golf estates, guest houses and for special events. Our large product range is suitable to satisfy the requirements and needs of our customers.
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