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Secure Contracting Escrow

Secure Contracting Escrow is a financial company that was created out of the necessity for an unbiased party to protect the interests of everyone involved when a service is delivered or a product is sold.

We level the playing field between contractors or sellers and their clients irrespective of size or financial strength. When both parties agree on the transaction; Secure Contracting Escrow holds the funds until the required milestone or end product is reached. When both parties are satisfied that the end goal is reached, Secure Contracting Escrow releases the funds making sure that the client received what he is paying for and the contractor/seller delivers what they promised.

Before any deal begins, the seller wants to know if the buyer has the money, and the buyer/client wants to know that he will be getting exactly what thecontractor/seller promised. If neither party knows each other, how can they trust each other? Secure Contracting Escrow provides an answer to this question.

By us holding the client’s money in a secure escrow account, the contractor or seller knows that the buyer has the money to see the deal through. The buyer/client only instructs Secure Contracting Escrow to release the funds once they are satisfied that they received what the contractor or seller had promised. In  this way we prevent unscrupulous contractors or sellers  from stealing people’s hard earned money and prevent contractors / sellers from being done in by empty promises of “I just transferred the money, you should have it tomorrow”. 
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