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Capsicum Culinary Studio

Hospitality is one of the fastest growing industries globally, with more than 8% of worldwide employment being in this field. With one in every 22 people employed across South Africa working in hospitality, Capsicum graduates can look forward to various career opportunities. 

With purpose-built training facilities, campuses in 6 major centres, and talented and experienced chef lecturers, Capsicum Culinary Studio is the ideal space to nurture and develop your culinary skills.

At Capsicum Culinary Studio you can work towards receiving an internationally recognised qualification. Our accreditation means that we offer and certify competency, authority and credibility through each of our programmes. 

The accrediting bodies we are registered with provide the curriculum requirements, as well as quality-checking our teaching and training processes whilst setting and assessing final exams. Capsicum is registered with several of these bodies, including City & Guilds, Worldchefs, and Fasset. 
Kontaknommer:0861 111 2433
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