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Globe Trotting Teachers

Jan-Harm resided in South Korea for 5 years during mid/late 2000’s teaching English.  During 2011, he returned home to South Africa permanently and started his recruitment agency called: Teach’em East.

Around the same time when Jan-Harm worked in Korea, Tjaart were also busy travelling / working in Thailand. Tjaart started his own travel agency, called Places Travel around the same time as Teach’em East in 2011. Both settled their companies in George, Western Cape. Teach’em East and Places Travel started growing into well-established trustworthy small businesses. Teach’em East started sending more than 60 applicants each year to travel and work abroad and then destiny brought Tjaart and Jan-Harm together without them even knowing it! Travel arrangements had to be in place for every applicant Teach’em East recruited, and Tjaart worked with several of those assisting them.

In January 2017, Teach’em East and Places Travel merged and GTT was born!

Our mission & vision

To become the number 1 agency in South Africa to serve and place candidates in South Korea with on going support and assistance. To place all applicants at reputable private schools and have no comebacks with unsatisfied clients before the end of the one-year contracts. Keeping the record sheet of failing to find work to all applicants clean like it has been the past 6 years.

 - Competitive salary between  2,1 - 2.3mil Won.
 - The plane ticket to Korea is fully reimbursed.
 - Fee accommodation covered by the academy.
 - a Guaranteed 13th cheque after 12 months.   
 - School contribute 50% of medical aid. 
 - Teachers only pay between 3 and 5% tax.
 - Apartments nearby academies. 
 - Contracts & Visas has no limits &
    can be extended.
Kontaknommer:079 062 9385
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