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Diverse Medicals

Since 2008 Diverse Medicals in Pinetown, has been supplying a wide range of medical equipment, instruments and consumables to the public and private sector. 

One of their main products is the Hydrogel pain relief range. They come in a full variety of gels: Hydrogel for general aches and pains,  Mobility Gel for arthritis, fibroses and gout relief, Tired Foot gel to soothe sore feet, Menstrual Discomfort gel for cramp relief,  Sunburn gel, and Baby gel for nappy rash as well as colic gel for stomach cramps.

Hydrogel is naturally balanced and remarkably effective due to the rapid absorbtion into the skin. 

They also distribute the Ivytus non-sedating natural  cough syrup, A gel for spesific Sinus relief, And the Saltpipe natural respiratory cleaner.

Hydrogel – natural relief that actually works.
Kontaknommer:031 701 5728
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