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Doctor Anastasia Botha

Doctor Anastasia Botha in Bedfordview has ten years’ experience in Aesthetic Medicine, and offers a wide range of treatments with the latest safe and innovative technology. 

Dr Botha aims to enhance her patients’ natural beauty, making them feel more positive and confident about themselves.

A variety of advanced procedures and products are used with a compassionate approach in a comfortable environment.

Specialising in facial aesthetics, Doctor Botha offers advanced botox treatment and performs laser hair removal, thread lifts, micro-needling, Cecarrelli lipolysis, lipo cavitation, lymphatic drainage and slimming medical weight loss programmes as part of the slimming clinic. 

Her treatments include teeth whitening and wrinkle reduction, dermal fillers, chemical peels, non-surgical eyelid lift and the removal of tattoos, scars, moles and age spots.

Dr Botha’s large client base is proof of the excellent results obtained, serving as guarantee of her expertise and the quality of her products. 
Kontaknommer:011 616 4040
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