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In the time’s that we live in today, the statistics on missing children is absolutely horrific. In the United States alone 8 million (8 000 000) children go missing per year. In South Africa, a child is reported missing every 5 hours. Bigger percentages of these abduction is due to kidnapping and child trafficking.

With our GPS watches for kids we can make a difference, and change the direction of these statistics drastically. Know where your child is from the comfort of your palm on your smartphone. You can easily communicate back and forth with mobile phone call functionality. Extra features and functions has been implemented to boost the chances of your child’s safety.

You can react to a potential dangerous situation within those critical seconds that stand between life and death. Partner up with the best technology to ensure the Safety of your children, Connect And Protect!

The sale of the watches is subject to type approval by ICASA.
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