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Novus Print

From producing a variety of formats of printing, their ongoing investment in world-leading printing technology and presses, positions Novus Print as a leading print supplier in South Africa and on the continent. Their print technology focus is complemented by a rigorous quality process focus and a ‘customer-first’ approach.

Print is present everywhere in our daily lives regardless of where we are. The list goes on and on, from books, magazines, and newspapers to product packaging information, street posters, retail inserts, and catalogues... from education to retail, government to media – Novus Print services the printing needs of customers across multiple sectors in South Africa and across Sub-Saharan Africa. Whether it is newspapers, books or magazines, personalised catalogues, flyers or brochures, they replicate it pixel-perfect, time after time. 

They are proud of their unremittent focus on excellence – every day, in everything they do. This forms the bedrock of Novus Print. Over the years their efforts have paid off, with numerous local and international awards, not just for the quality of their work, but for their environmentally conscious business approach.

The on-going implementation of faster, state-of-the-art technology ensures highly efficient, fully automated production processes that deliver quick, high-quality printing of almost any format.
Novus Print strives to create increased value for its customers and setting the standard so that customers can always expect the best quality and service. Longstanding and strong – this division of Novus Holdings has been in the industry for decades with extensive print capability.

Novus Print - “Where printing is personal”.
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