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Property Protection Association

The building industry has welcomed plans by the government to act against extortion rackets, blamed for derailing multibillion-rand infrastructure and construction projects.

In his state of the nation address (Sona), President of SA announced he is “prioritising the problem of criminal groups that extort money from construction and other businesses” by bringing together specialised units drawn from the police and the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to tackle these “crimes of economic disruption”.

Whilst the Government’s support is great, the speed in which they tackle these crimes of economic disruption often leaves Business Owners at the mercy of these criminals. A faster and more efficient approach is needed. In Gauteng alone, there is an average of 400 cases of extortion reported each month.

The spate of disruptions involving so-called “illicit business forums” began in KwaZulu-Natal but has spread across the country in recent years, cropping up in the construction of everything from roads to mines to luxury housing developments as well as the SMME’s and Agriculture sectors. With the recent unrest, looting and destruction of property in Gauteng and KZN, mall owners are now being targeted by so called ‘illicit business forums’ to employ their protection services. If not, threats of further vandalism and theft are made.

There is a clear and urgent need for all business owners to protect their businesses and property. This is where the Property Protection Association comes to the rescue!

The Property Protection Association was founded out of sheer will and determination to effect positive change to businesses in South Africa and to address common challenges faced.
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